• Explore the Damage Caused by Running a Microwave With Nothing Inside

    Microwaves make a very useful addition to your kitchen, but you should understand that there are things you shouldn't do with them – for example, you should never run a microwave when there's nothing inside it. Doing so can cause superheating and ultimately lead to the need for repairs or even a complete replacement. Here's everything you need to know. What Happens When You Turn on an Empty Microwave? While ovens create heat to cook your food, microwaves cook things much faster by using high-frequency radio waves.
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  • Three Essential Upkeep Tips for Your Commercial Coffee Machine

    Proper maintenance practices are essential for the ideal performance of your coffee machine, whether it's a la marzocco coffee machine or an expobar coffee machine. In simple terms, if the equipment is not in good condition, it will not brew coffee correctly, and it will become inefficient with time. Also, the upkeep of this type of machine can extend its lifespan. A poorly-maintained coffee system will be more susceptible to premature failure.
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