Three Essential Upkeep Tips for Your Commercial Coffee Machine

Posted on: 6 April 2018


Proper maintenance practices are essential for the ideal performance of your coffee machine, whether it's a la marzocco coffee machine or an expobar coffee machine. In simple terms, if the equipment is not in good condition, it will not brew coffee correctly, and it will become inefficient with time. Also, the upkeep of this type of machine can extend its lifespan. A poorly-maintained coffee system will be more susceptible to premature failure. Fortunately, most problems can be prevented through the diligent care of the appliance. Here are some simple guidelines to help you keep your coffee machine in good condition.

Flush the Central Components

You should clean the central components in your coffee machine daily to prevent accumulation of residue and grime. In general, it is advisable to back flush all your espresso group heads in the equipment at the end of your day. This practice is critical for the preservation of the quality of your coffee. If you neglect this internal coffee making part, the taste of the beverage will be unfavourable due to the residue staleness. You should also clean out your brew pot and the chambers for the same reason. Additionally, you must remember to wipe down the machine to keep it looking clean and beautiful.

Clean the Removable Machine Parts

You will need to perform thorough cleaning of the internal components of the coffee machine. The exact frequency for cleaning these parts will depend on your manufacturer's recommendations and your commercial schedule, but it doesn't need to be done daily. When you are ready to clean the machine thoroughly, you should obtain some hot water and espresso machine soap. Then, you should remove the detachable parts from the equipment, including the screens, filter baskets and group handles. Soak these components for some time and then wash and rinse them. You should also clean the grinder hoppers and the brewing components. Also, remember to check and replace the water filters as necessary.

Perform Regular Tune-ups

You should schedule regular tune-ups for your coffee machine. Like other appliances, this equipment experiences a decline in performance due to the stress of daily usage. If the unit is not restored, its functionality can be compromised, and the rate of wear could accelerate exponentially. With simple maintenance work, you can restore performance and prolong the lifespan. For instance, you should make time to replace components which tend to wear away quickly, such as group heads, steam valve gaskets and o-rings. Also, you should install sharp burrs in the grinder compartments if you notice a decline in performance of the old parts.